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Circuits to your exacting specifications.

" The proof of our expertise and craftsmanship is in our superior products.
We use state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee the highest level of
precision, consistency and quality." 

-Ron Thomas, Director of Sales and Marketing   

Flextron Systems, Inc. is large enough to meet your
production requirements, yet small enough to provide
your prototype requirements, all at competitive pricing.

Providing personalized service for our customers varied
needs, has enabled us to develop the long term
relationship our customers are looking for.

Flextron is constantly looking to improve our capabilities
to meet the growing needs of our customers.

Capabilities include:

Single sided, Double sided & Multilayer hardboards
Green Ball.gif (257 bytes)Flexible single & double sided circuits.
Green Ball.gif (257 bytes)Fine-line, high density surface mount boards
Green Ball.gif (257 bytes)UL approved for 130C maximum operating temp. (94V-0)
Green Ball.gif (257 bytes)Full turn-key, design & assembly available.
Green Ball.gif (257 bytes)Conventional and liquid photoimageable soldermask
Green Ball.gif (257 bytes)Soldermask over bare copper (S.M.O.B.C.)
Green Ball.gif (257 bytes)Full panel Nickel.

Green Ball.gif (257 bytes)Nickel-Gold tab plating.
Green Ball.gif (257 bytes)Intricate NC rout and/or V-Score to break
Green Ball.gif (257 bytes)Quick turn prototypes
Green Ball.gif (257 bytes)Just-in-time delivery to minimize your inventory
Green Ball.gif (257 bytes)Quantities from one board to thousands
Green Ball.gif (257 bytes)Circuit board design services available
Green Ball.gif (257 bytes)100% electrical testing available
Green Ball.gif (257 bytes)Guaranteed best value: quality-service-price


Space Shuttle

Some examples of where our products can go!!

Commercial Airliner


Flexible Circuit

Flex w/ ribbon cable


Flextron Circuit systems are composed of flat, copper   conductors encapsulated in different types of insulating plastics.  These extremely durable types of insulation bond to the circuit conductors to help prevent moisture or gas penetration while maintaining flexibility.  These circuits can be bent, twisted and coiled into virtually any dense-packed configuration.

Some examples of insulation are -- Mylar™ which has a built-in memory and will spring back to its original shape, thus allowing assemblies to be hinged or rolled for easy maintenance while the unit is in an operating mode. Kapton™ plated-through hole technology permits connections between multiple levels while retaining flexibility. Inter-connection integrity is therefore maintained, improving reliability while at the same time, lowering insulating, inspection and test costs.

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